The labyrinth contradiction

Dear Insider,

To function in every day life we build structures in our heads. Structures like laws, morals, religions. Invisible walls to find and maintain order, to come to some kind of understanding about the world.
We draw boarders on our map of this world. But what if these boarders are incomplete, incorrect, or even dysfunctional? Can a map turn into a labyrinth?

A labyrinth has a contradiction in itself. It is a structure. Usually structures are created to get more clearance and overview. A labyrinth is a structure intended to get us disoriented. It is a structure designed to get lost in. But there is a possibility to find a way out.
What happens if I try to capture the map of the world I have build in my head into a visual images? And what if I treat this map like a labyrinth? Can I find a way out trough performances?

Here are some sketches I made during my first days in Helsinki. An attempt to capture the systems in my thoughts into a labyrinth.
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