The Minotaur schizophrenia

Dear Insider, It turns out that my labyrinths of thoughts contain a great treasure: an inhabitant! He is called the Minotaur and he is part of me. We don’t know each other very well, but we like exploring the unknown, so that is a common place to start from. The unknown is sometimes dark, sometimes […]

The labyrinth contradiction

Dear Insider, To function in every day life we build structures in our heads. Structures like laws, morals, religions. Invisible walls to find and maintain order, to come to some kind of understanding about the world. We draw boarders on our map of this world. But what if these boarders are incomplete, incorrect, or even […]

The hurricane of change

Dear Insider, I am delighted to let you know that I have started my master degree: Life Art and Performance Studies at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts, Helsinki. It is one of very few free Masters programs in the world that focuses on the intersection of Performance Studies and the practice […]

The work that failed into place

Taking out the dirty laundry (Video) A raw landscape fades in. Somebody is walking. Close up: a woman is walking with a white cloth and a washing board under her arms. Wind is howling, snow is falling, it looks very cold. The woman walks towards the frozen water. There is an open space with a […]

5 voor 12 (Time waits for no one)

Dear Insider, I am experimenting with my alarm clock collection. It is an on-going project, and I am not sure where it is going to end. This causes an eternal need for alarm clocks; so if you have a spare one, please donate! Every time when I find an alarm clock, for example in a […]

The other studio

Dear Insider, How many artists have the luxury of having two studios? Since two weeks, I share a studio in Amsterdam with Charlie Citron in Amsterdam. I did not have my own studio in years! It feels weird to have a studio that actually has walls and a fixed location. I am very happy to […]

The first post

Inside the studio Things are made. Stories are told. Hunches will be chased. Truth gets stumbled on. Lies are born. Tea is consumed. Mess is made. Confusion rules. Failure is priceless. Lessons are unravelled. Healing sets in. Experiments explode. Concepts implode. Sometimes everything falls apart. Sometimes art unfolds. Dear Insider Trough this blog I will […]